man with megaphoneAttention spans have gotten much shorter since the Baby Boomers appeared on the scene.  Because of this, we need to pay special attention to channel richness and the model of communication that we use.  This includes the sender forward encoding the message, choosing the channel, sending into the medium, to be unencoded by the listener.  The channel that gets used can vary in richness from the very un-rich data report up to a memo then an email then a phone call then a face to face conversations.  Four different generations are in the work place together, collaborating,   working, communicating with one another.

I Love Lucy, Cheers, and Family Guy average scene length is 38 seconds.  I Love Lucy had about five big scenes a program.  Modern Family has 33 scenes in the show. Research reveals we now have attention spans shorter than that of a goldfish.

So what strategies do we have in place to deal with this?  Keep written communication brief.  Keep oral communication to the point. Make sure your slide decks are filled with images and verbal hooks like alliteration.

Dave Yarin's article can be read here.

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